ABOUT pop n' drop

What it's all About! A ride with my son
I had a vision of freedom!


My name is Sergio, inventor of the Pop n' Drop. The Pop n' Drop was developed out of necessity. Since experiencing a debilitating spinal cord injury many years ago, I have been using a manually propelled wheelchair to get around. I always resisted 'moving up' to a power wheelchair because as long as I am capable of pushing a manual chair, I don't want to use a power chair. Well, fast forward more than 25 years, and I find that I can't push the long distances I used to. I have actually damaged my shoulders several times going on long wheelchair pushes. I needed to find a way that I could continue using my manual chair 80% of the time, but occasionally get a motorized boost when I needed to go a longer distance.So, with my manual wheelchair, an electric scooter and motivated by the need for speed, I got to work. My initial trial used bungee cords and zip ties to connect the wheelchair to the scooter. Needless to say, that first trial was not too successful, but I learned something important! There is enough power in the scooter to propel a wheelchair (and I better wear a helmet)! In fact, every trial taught me something new. Now, after almost a year of development and 10 prototypes, Pop n' Drop is ready to benefit others too. Pop n Drop has exceeded all expectations! It's easy to hook up (with some practice) and soooo fun to use!I’m very excited to be sharing the benefits (and the fun!) of Pop n' Drop to others!