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Manual wheelchair users can enjoy the thrill of riding a power scooter!


Did you ever feel like riding a power scooter? Ever have the urge to go farther or faster in your manual wheelchair? Pop n' Drop is the answer! Pop n Drop is an absurdly simple device that allows you to ‘connect’ your wheelchair to a power scooter. It takes about 10 seconds to engage and doesn’t require any hand dexterity to lock in (very quad-friendly)! Once engaged, your wheelchair is ‘one’ with the scooter. You now have the power and speed of an electric scooter.


Pop n Drop is the perfect fit for the manual wheelchair user that wants to continue using a manual chair, but needs an occasional boost. Sore shoulder? Give your shoulders a rest! Use the Pop n Drop to go cruising around the park. Want to go to the supermarket without the hassle of transferring into the car? Pop into the Pop n Drop and ride to the store \

(and into the store)!


Wheelchair Compatibility

Pop n Drop does not require any hardware mounted onto the wheelchair, but couples directly to the wheelchair. Who wants extra crap mounted onto their wheelchair anyway? Since wheelchairs come in various sizes , each Pop n' Drop is adjustable to your wheelchair size. Pop n Drop is compatible with rigid wheelchair that have rigid footrests. Pop n' Drop fits the standard ¾” footrest tubing size. See photo that shows tubing size measurement. TiLite, Quickie and Action all have ¾” footrest tubing. Pop n Drop is not intended to be used with folding wheelchairs or wheelchairs that have swing away foot rests.


Scooter Compatibility

Pop n Drop does NOT include the scooter. The recommended scooter for the Pop n' Drop is the EcoReco, a lithium battery powered scooter. It's a  high quality product with incredible performance features, like 20 miles on a charge and a top speed of over 20 miles per hour!

EcoReco M3, M5, S3 and S5 are all compatible  –

available online or in US scooter stores


The electric scooter with Pop n Drop attached can still be ridden in the standing position by an able bodied rider. That means your device may be getting a lot of use by the kids or grandkids when you’re not riding it.


What sets Pop n Drop apart

There are many mobility devices to assist the manual wheelchair user (Firefly and SmartDrive) or improve manual

wheelchair performance.

However, the combination of the Pop n Drop with the EcoReco scooter outperforms all the others in :

Speed (Pop n Drop 20mph!)

Range on one charge (20 miles)

Ease of attaching (10 seconds by a quad)

Cost (about $1125 for the entire package)

*price of Pop n Drop and EcoReco S3*

Can be used as a scooter by able body riders.


Now...don't you think it is time to Pop n' Drop?



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