Pop n Drop 3.1 Instructions

Using the Pop n Drop

Congratulations on receiving your new Pop n Drop! Used properly, the Pop n Drop will provide you with an alternate mode of transportation as well as lots of fun. The number one priority is safety! That includes always wearing a suitable helmet and not going too fast. It is recommended to throttle your scooter down to a slower maximum speed. This is possible on the EcoReco and other similar scooters. Instructions for doing this have been provided.  In addition, never travel on roads with lots of car traffic. A bike trail, sidewalk, or slow, non-busy street are ideal. So, make sure to start out slowly and keep your speed down until you have more experience. Don’t take turns too sharply and be alert! Don’t ride at dusk or nighttime.

With the wheelchair attached to the scooter via Pop n Drop, the wheelchair is in a ‘popped’ position, which some riders may find uncomfortable. To minimize the amount of ‘pop’ your wheelchair has while riding your scooter, adjust your wheelchair foot support to a higher position, but not more than 5 ½” from the ground. This will allow you to ride the scooter with only a slight pop, which is more comfortable. Another option to make the ride more comfortable is inserting a small cushion between the wheelchair back and your back. That will keep your body in a more comfortable, upright position. The most recent version, Pop n Drop 3.1, has been redesigned to allow easier ‘dropping’. It also comes in two tone black and aluminum. No, we didn’t forget to powder coat the aluminum brackets! In addition, the base plate has been simplified for a more sleek look.

Putting it all together

Your box should contain: one Pop n Drop base plate, two aluminum brackets with holes, a U-bolt with two nuts, two 2-1/2 inch bolts with black rubber bushings and nuts, two hitch pins, a rectangular   rubber pad and two 1 inch bolts with lock nuts.










Pop n Drop with aluminum brackets and U-Bolt











Base Plate only with holes numbered


                      Make sure you are using a platform style footrest.

                                  Measure the width of the foot support.


  1. Mount the two aluminum brackets onto the base plate, using the row of holes furthest from the two larger holes, according to the following table and the diagram provided:

  2. Foot rest width                                                 Mounting holes

               10”                                                                          10 & 10

                9-1/2”                                                                   9 & 10

                9”                                                                            9 & 9

                8-1/2”                                                                   8 & 9

                8”                                                                            8 & 8

                7-1/2”                                                                   7 & 8

                7” or less                                                              7 & 7

  1. Insert 1” bolts face down to secure each aluminum bracket to the base plate, one button head bolt for each aluminum bracket. Secure each bolt with the locknut provided.

  2. Now that the Pop n Drop is assembled according to your wheelchair size, check the fit by sliding it onto your wheelchair foot rest. (See photo)


  1. If it fits well, remove Pop n Drop from your wheelchair. Now it’s time to mount the Pop n Drop onto the scooter deck. Place the rubber rectangle pad on top of the scooter deck as far forward as possible, as shown in photo.


Place the Pop n Drop bracket on top of the rubber rectangle pad, with foot support bar channel forward and large base plate holes towards the rear.

  1. Place the U-bolt around the underside of scooter deck and through the large holes in the plate. Secure the two lock nuts and tighten, making sure the bracket is centered and square on the scooter. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN, as this will cause the plate to bow downward. The plate is designed to have some flexion, for added shock absorption. The rubber pad protects the scooter deck and prevents the Pop n Drop bracket from sliding.

  1. Now it’s time to mount the scooter with your wheelchair. Make sure the horizontal hitch pins are removed from the Pop n Drop. Approach the rear of the scooter in your wheelchair. THE WHEELCHAIR NEEDS TO BE SQUARED AND CENTERED OVER THE SCOOTER.IF NOT, START YOUR APPROACH OVER! Pop your wheelchair up and move forward over the scooter and bracket. Drop your wheelchair foot support down into bracket with the horizontal wheelchair support bars falling into the aluminum brackets of the Pop n Drop. If your wheelchair foot support doesn’t drop too far into the bracket, try moving the scooter T-handle to the left and right several times. This will ‘help’ the wheelchair to drop into the Pop n Drop.

  2. If your foot support is angled slightly down towards the rear (as most are), the back part of the foot support should now be resting on the scooter deck. This is as far as the foot rest will drop into the Pop n Drop bracket.

  3. Insert the two hitch pins into the aluminum bracket, OVER the horizontal bars of the wheelchair foot rest. Use the middle holes of the aluminum bracket if possible. Insert the pins into the bracket on the side without the counter sunk holes. This allows the ball of the pin to lock into the counter sunk holes.


  1. If the push pins fit snugly over the wheelchair foot support bar, you are ready to ride! Skip steps 14 and 15. This is the preferred configuration.

  2. If you were unable to fit the pin into the middle hole of the aluminum bracket or there is too much space between the wheelchair bar and the push pins, remove the push pins, pop out of the bracket and back off the scooter. Insert the two 2-1/2” bolts with the rubber gaskets into the bottom holes of the aluminum bracket and secure with the locknuts provided. Do not over tighten, as this may narrow the channel and make the fit too tight.

  3. Now, pop a wheelie again, move over the scooter mounted bracket and drop into the bracket. Secure the wheelchair by inserting the two pins into the top holes of the aluminum bracket. Your wheelchair foot rest should fit snugly now with not too much ‘play’.You are now ready to ride! You no longer need to repeat steps 1 thru 15, they only have to be done once.


  1. Periodically check the tightness of all the nuts to ensure they have not loosened.


  • NOTE:The purpose of the bolt with the rubber gasket is to keep the wheelchair foot support bar snug in the bracket and also facilitate easy dismount from the bracket.

Pop n Drop is a product of POP AND DROP LLC, a Florida company. Patent pending. All rights reserved. For more information, visit us on the web at www.myfastchair.com