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Using the Pop n' Drop

Used properly, the Pop n' Drop will provide you with an alternate mode of transportation as well as lots of fun. The number one priority is safety! That includes always wearing a suitable helmet and not going too fast. It is recommended to throttle your scooter down to a slower maximum speed. This is possible on the EcoReco and other similar scooters. Instructions for doing this have been provided. In addition, never travel on roads with lots of car traffic. A bike trail, sidewalk or slow, non-busy street are ideal. So, make sure to start out slowly and keep it slow until you have more experience.

Don’t take turns too sharply and be alert!


With the wheelchair attached to the scooter via Pop n' Drop, the wheelchair is in a ‘popped’ position, which some riders may find uncomfortable. To minimize the amount of ‘pop’ your wheelchair has while riding your scooter, adjust your wheelchair foot support to the highest position possible, but not more than 5 ½” from the ground. This will allow you to ride the scooter with only a slight pop, which is more comfortable.

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